So I needed a website to just college random thoughts, resources I’ve found useful, commentary on various things, and a place to point people to when I’d like to share something I’ve done or been a part of. This is it.

Who am I?

My name is Corey Petty, this is the bio I typically send people when on various media outlets, which are currently, at least tangientially, attached to “Blockchain” in some way:

Dr. Corey Petty started his blockchain focused research around 2012 as a personal hobby while doing his PhD candidacy at Texas Tech University in Computational Chemical Physics. He then went on to co-found The Bitcoin Podcast Network and still serves as a host on the flagship The Bitcoin Podcast and a more technical show Hashing It Out. Corey left academia and entered the data science/blockchain security industry for a few years attempting to fix vulnerabilities in ICS/SCADA networks before finding his fit as the head of security at Status.im where he remains today.

But that picks up after a past life of academia, which molded a good portion of who I am today. After high school at Cedar Hill High School, I worked on a bachelors in Physics, then a PhD in Chemistry at Texas Tech University. The bulk of material output can be found in the Pub section of this site.

After my PhD defense, I continued this research at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica in São José dos Campos, Brazil. During my time there, I started my contribution to the Blockchain world via the creation of The Bitcoin Podcast.