General Description

I’ve been doing podcasts since June 2015 across a myriad of shows. I’ve also managed others doing shows on a network that I administer and facilitate. I’m also a nut for data and metrics.

What I’ve always found lacking from the CMS/Hosting providers for the podcast (e.g. LibSyn, Simplecast, etc) is the ability to allow me to have multiple “shows” (or feeds) that are then aggregated into a single show.

This allows the listener options, namely:

  • Search for an individual podcast and find it
  • Search for the network and find all shows
  • bonus: pick and choose what they want to listen to, and have a feed for that

This allows the network/podcast administrators a lot as well. They get tracked metrics of individual feeds (and aggregated) which are attributable and accurate without too much hard work in building a back-end that unifies and accounts for them accurately. This comes in handy when you ywant to see multiple views simultaneously:

  • the network growth, and how each show contributes to that growth
  • proper relative distribution of ad revenue for “network wide” sponsors and the associated data returned to sponsors to justify their investment
  • a framework for scaling a network of shows that doesn’t compromise an individual’s show’s growth potential.

What I want

A Free and Open Source (FOSS) RSS aggregator that combines feeds and publishes a new feed of the aggregated content. The feed URL should not change when the admin adds/removes content (the network changes). Bonus points if the feed can be customized by a user to get a more tailored view (e.g. they don’t like a show, so they remove it form the feed) and get a personalized RSS feed for their consumption.

I’m am truly hopeful this already exists and I just never found it. Let me know!