I want to build a home dashboard in my kitchen that is a nice touchscreen display of various home automation tasks and cameras I have available.


Here are features I’m thinking it needs:

  • calendar
    • synced with various google accounts
  • live home camera feeds
  • light control
  • internet bandwidth consumption
  • power consumption monitoring
  • weather

I have a HomeAssistant setup on an rpi4 that doesn’t do much yet, but can serve as the main server.


  • 27 in ViewSonic touchscreen (TD2760) (ordered - $500)
    • I wanted a 32 in but apparently they simply don’t make monitors at this size. It’s either 27 or 42, or a chinese kiosk brand that I’m not sure I want to dive too much in to making sure it works
  • rpi 4 (already owned)
  • wireless keyboared and mouse (ordered - $30)